volker lonz photo by simon buxton | nad resort lembeh | 2017

volker lonz
photo by simon buxton | nad resort lembeh | 2017

i got certified in 2000 and am a “compressed air junkie” ever since. now dive destinations control my holiday planning: dives in the phillipines (mindoro), greece (kreta), mexico (cozumel), indonesia (bali and sulawesi), thailand (andaman sea), egypt, usa (maui), caribbean (bonaire, curacao, saba) and mauritius yield about 1700 dives in my logbook.

photography has always been a passion of mine – so a little sony cybershot quickly became my companion under water. realizing the limitations of this camera i switched to a fuji s2 pro in a seacam housing in 2005. inon z220 and z240 strobes illuminate my subjects, which i capture using 10,5 mm fisheye, 12-24mm wide angle, 35mm and 60mm, 90mm & 105mm macro lenses. sometimes i use an aquako diopter 2.5 and a kenko 1.4 teleconverter. for creating a good light in macro, i play with my selfmade snoots and reflectors.

but the development of technology never stops. so i decided to switch to a nikon d300 in march 2011 and in july 2016 in a nikon d810. due to my good experience with my previous housing as well as the compatibility of my existing accessories i chose seacam again.

with this equipment i try to show the fascinating world of life, colours and patterns of the underwater environment to all people that have seen the water only from above.